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Eladó Angol nyelvű könyvek. Érdeklődni üzenetben. Posta előreutalással. 10 db felett kedvezmény. Képeket privátban küldök. 300 Ft/db: Barron S. Guinea Pigs / Hamsters Betty MacDonald - Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle Betty MacDonald - Mrs.Piggle-Wiggle’s Magic Betty MacDonald – Hello, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle Betty MacDonald - Mrs.Piggle-Wiggle's Farm Bill Murphy - Tin Kickers Bill Raduch - Magnetude Bill Wallace - Never Say Quit Carol Donahue and Shirley Hall - Deadly Relations A True Story of Murder in a Suburban Family Charles Carson Jr. - Make the team Swimming/Diving Dean Hughes - Backup Soccer Star Dean Hughes - Kickoff Time DK Books - Human Body Ernest Tidyman - Shaft Gary Lineke - The Young Soccer Player Graham Masterton - The Djinn James Sallis - The Long Legged Fly Jan Brett - Trouble with Trolls Jeanne Betancourt - Runaway Pony John Nichol - Stinger Julia L. Sauer - The Light at Tern Rock Lynne Reid Banks – The Indian int he Cupboard Lynne Reid Banks – The Secret of the Indian Matt Christopher - Wingman on Ice Matt Christopher – Face-Off Matt Christopher – Ice Magic Matt Christopher – Soccer Halfback Matt Christopher – The Hockey Machine Matt Christopher – Top Wing Morag Prunty - Disco Daddy Natalie Savage Carlson – The Family Under the Bridge Nicholas Edwards - The Return of Santa Paws Percy Parslow - Hamsters Raja Vidya - The King of Knowledge Richard and Florence Atwater – Mr. Popper’s Penguins Richard J. Brenner - Make the team Soccer Robert Munsch - Pigs Robert Nicholson - Ancient Egypt Robin A. White - Angle of Attack Terry Munson - 101 All-New Nintendo Secrets Todd Strasser - Help! I'm trapped in Obedience School Unicef Brainboosters - OUter Space Adventures Unicef Brainboosters – Worldwide Wonders Usborne - Starting Soccer Usborne Superskills - Swimming & Diving Skills
2018 09 13
500 Ft/db: Barry Reed - The Choice Cassandra Clare - City of Bones David Crackanthore - The Ravenglass Line Diane Sansevere Dreher – Explorers Who Got Lost Ernest Raboh - Paul Gauguin Ian St. James - Vengance James Whitaker - Diana Vs. Charles Royal Blood Feud Joe R Lansdale - Rumble Tumble John Butterfield - As The Court Of King Minos Mark Twain - Huckleberry Finn Peter Arnold – FIFA World Cup USA 94 Robert Ferrigno - Scavenger Hunt t Robert Newman - Dependance Day Sheila Black - Lassie Tony Hart - Leonardo Da Vinci Tony Hart - Michelangelo Trevor Day - The Randon House Book of 1001 Questions and Answers about the Human Body William Bernhardt - Perfect Justice
2018 09 13
1200 Ft/db: Alexander Dumas – The Three Muskateers Anthony Holden - The Tarnished Crown Ava Gardner - AVA My Story D.K Books - P.B Bears's Birthday Party Darden Asbury Pyron - Southern Daughter Donald Spoto - The Decline and Fall of The House of Windsor Dorling Kindersly - A Country Mouse in the Town House Hutchkins & Thompson - Fergie Confidential The Real Story Irvine Welsh - Trainspotting Ivana Trump - For Love Alone Jean Fritz - Around the World in a Hundred Years Jules Verne - Around the World in 80 Days - An Illustrated Classic Lady Colin Campbell - The Royal Marriages Moore - The Definitive Diana Sarah the Dutchess of York - My Story Tom Clancy's - OP-Centre Divide and Conquer V.A - My Own Book of Animal Stories
2018 09 13